Henchir Dheb, the perfect base

Henchir Dheb not only offers calmness but it is also the perfect base for discovering the beauties of Tunisia.


Ramblers can have a walk to a magnificent little lake, sports fans can take their mountain bike and adventurers will love the equestrian trails or hunting activities (in season).

Port town Bizerte, Ichkeul Lake (UNESCO World Heritage Site, nature reserve and an important stopping-over point for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds each year), the ruins of Utica, Ghar el Melh with its fortress and marina... All are located within 20 km of Henchir Dheb.

The (blue) sky is the limit

Jan and Leila’s many friends will help you discover all of Tunisia’s wonders.

The country boasts with its magnificent desert with refreshing oases and intriguing little lakes where minerals give the water a red, green or yellow hue.

Jan, who has years of experience guiding tourists around the country, offers fully organized excursions to the desert where you will spend the night in a nomad tent and cook stews and bake artisanal bread in a crock buried in the sand.

Tunisia will not only satisfy nature lovers. Culture freaks will also be able to quench their thirst for knowledge.

The old Carthage is located at only a one-hour drive. At short distance from the historic sites are the impressive North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial and the town of artists of Sidi Bou Said where Jan and Leila have a picturesque little house for rent (from Autumn 2014). This house is perfect for those who wish to alternate the quiet country side and the vibrating Mediterranean liveliness. This formula will allow you to plunge into another world and return home with loads of colourful impressions.

Located at a stone’s throw from Sidi Bou Said and Carthage, Tunis, the country’s capital city, boasts with its large colonial avenues and buzzing souks. Paying a visit is compulsory. Jan, who understands and speaks Arabic, serves as the perfect guide. No need to fear grotesque prices when buying your souvenir…

Seen a trip formula in a travel guide or do you have your own travel route? Do not be afraid to ask Jan and Leila. Henchir Dheb is your door to Tunisia.