The Sidi Bou Said room

This room is painted in the traditional Mediterranean blue and white, typical of the town of artists of Sidi Bou Said.

The Sidi Bou Said room offers a traditional box bed for two with the possibility of an extra single bed. The private bathroom is equipped with a bathtub. This room is furnished with authentic materials, as is the rest of Henchir Dheb.

The access to this room will lead you under the patio’s arches through a central court. The wall’s colours are an ode to Matisse.

From 2014: Sleeping in Sidi Bou Said?

Impressed with Sidi Bou Saïd’s sparkling blues and whites, and longing to spend the night in this charming town? Perfectly possible: we give you the possibility to rent our picturesque house combined with your stay at Henchir Dheb, from autumn 2014.

Perfect if you wish to alternate the quiet country side and the vibrating Mediterranean liveliness. This formula will allow you to plunge into another world and return home with loads of colourful impressions. Click on the right for more information on our house in Sidi Bou Said.